Rock Around The Clock

In many early childhood classrooms, a rocking chair is a familiar piece of furniture. It’s a place for the teacher to sit and share a story with a group of students while they sit on a carpet. Sometimes, a smaller, child-size rocking chair is in the classroom as a place for sitting and reading. The movement of rocking has been researched to impact a sense of calm as well as build the vestibular system, especially in the first year of life. The vestibular system provides a sense of balance and position in space.
When teachers and parents notice a child who rocks without being in a rocking chair, that may be a sign of a brain-based need that has yet to be fulfilled. Considering having a rocking chair in a classroom as a place for reading, even for older students, may benefit a life skill in establishing an appropriate method for self-regulation, (becoming calm), while enjoying the experience of reading.

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