Engagement Through Technology

Say the word “technology” and some teachers may say “tech-no-not-me”. Yet, many students who struggle with the current curriculum may have the learning doors open through the use of technology. Their achievement in school, enjoyment of learning and end to failure may be found through technology tools for reading, writing, math, and research. In an article on organizational strategies, I included a pdf that demonstrated using a site called TrackStar. I use this site on occasion to help save time searching for curriculum or functional topics. I use Google more often to quickly gather pictures when designing a visual schedule or when I have more time to search for educational topics.

I was recently introduced to websites that have varying reading levels. They are worth exploring with your students. This process is a bit like detective work. You never know what will turn the key in a child’s mind that fits their learning needs and gets them excited to keep trying.
This list is meant as a springboard to go look and come back to search the others. Future articles will contain more lists that address writing and math. Happy surfing!!

1. Windows to the Universe

2. StarChild

3. Ben’s Guide to US Government

4. The Brain

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