Flip That Pencil

Teachers, do you have concerns about how your students are holding their pencils? Have you spent money on pencil grips that get lost? This simple method may help to encourage a better grasp of any pencil, crayon or marker. It’s a no-cost way to teach the tripod grasp. The following steps can be demonstrated with your entire class, small group or individual student.

Step One – Hold the lead end of the pencil with the thumb, index and middle fingers while the hand is facing the floor-it will look like pinching the tip of the pencil.

Step Two – With the opposite hand on the eraser end of the pencil, flip the pencil towards the space between the thumb and index finger-that is where the length of the pencil would rest.

Students who are unfamiliar with holding a pencil in this way may need to practice without needing to compose words or sentences. Trying this frequently on a daily basis may reduce the need for purchased pencil grips.

Have students begin a writing activity such as copying work at their desks or work written on the board. Another idea for practicing would be to trace a simple picture.

Have your students flip their pencils. Did it work? Leave a comment.

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