Shoe Tying Using Two Bunny Loops

The following video clip will demonstrate how to tie a shoe using a method of two bunny loops in six steps. There is no sound in order for some students, who can process information from one sensory mode at a time, to watch and try to imitate the steps. You can slow the process down using a shoe with pipe cleaners secured to the top holes for the shoe laces or intertwine a pipe cleaner with each shoe lace that is freed up after lacing the shoe. Students may need extra guidance to determine which lace to place under the “X” if they are right or left handed. Check that your student understands concepts of what the letter X looks like, and the words “cross”, “under” and “bottom”.

Here are the six steps:
1. Cross the laces to make an “X”.
2. Put one lace under the bottom of the “X”.
3. Pull the two laces which makes the “X” disappear.
4. Fold each lace in half. You will have two bunny loops. Pinch them close to the bottom.
5. Cross the two bunny loops and pinch the place they cross with one hand. You should be able to see a new “X” that is formed.
6. Put one bunny loop under the “X” and pull both loops to make the “X” disappear.

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