A Brief History About Kids Discover Success Therapeutics, LLC

Kids Discover Success Therapeutics, LLC is a school-based occupational therapy service with a home office in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. Kids Discover Success Therapeutics, LLC was formally created as a limited liability corporation in December of 2005 when independent charter schools in the Milwaukee and Racine area of Wisconsin increased their requests for services. I’m very grateful to the many staff and parents from the independent charter schools who have encouraged me in this business venture.

My name is Deb Buchanan and I’ve been a school-based occupational therapist since 1994. Allow me to welcome you as you visit my website. I appreciate any feedback on its assistance to you with children who have difficulty in learning, playing, caring for themselves and socializing in the educational environment. My goal for this website is to provide information for parents and teachers that will allow a better understanding of children who may be frustrated in the role of a learner. Learning can be difficult at times but when a child is consistently unsuccessful, the result can be extreme frustration, low self-esteem and discouraged motivation to keep trying. Learning should be fun. For a child with a disability, learning is so difficult it takes a team of professionals and parents working together, with a lot of trial and error, in finding the best combination of ideas to help the student participate and achieve in a school’s academic and non-academic curriculum.

If you’ve never heard of occupational therapy before and wondered about what a school’s occupational therapist actually does, I’ve provided some quick notes.

Occupational Therapy 101:
Occupations are the meaningful activities of daily life such as caring for oneself and the home environment, work, leisure, education, play and participating in society. Therapy is person-centered using activities to overcome problems in engaging in the desired areas of life. Occupational therapy practitioners are focused on holistic health for people of all ages. Prevention is as important as treatment of performance problems.